The ALC Placement Guidelines table (below) provides a reference for using ALCPT scores to
appropriately place students in ALC level. It does so by showing acceptable ranges of ALCPT scores for each of the ALC books. In cases where a student scores 29 or below, additional information is especially critical. Since the ALCPT is a multiple-choice test, a score from 0 to 29 can be attributed to guessing and does not reliably measure a student’s English ability. In these cases, input from a language acquisition professional (ideally, familiar with the ALC) might be useful in determining student placement. ALCPLACEMENTGUIDELINES * ALCPT scores of 29 or below . cannot be considered valid indicators of a test-taker’s ability.

Placement in an ALC book is sometimes determined by circumstances within the particular ELTP. A training program that has 100 new students entering each week will have more classes and more precise placement than a program with only 50 new students a month.

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